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Our History

Our history has an impact on your future growth.

While other companies tout strong research staff, our partners actually started there. KENSINGTON STONE was founded in 1989 to provide research and candidate development services to both corporate and executive search companies. Our efforts led to successful recruitments in industries as diverse as consumer products, airlines, pharmaceuticals, non-profit, entertainment, retail, software, electronics, automotive, mining, and wireless technologies. As our company grew, we sought to enhance the quality of our services. Moving into full search in 1996 allowed us to insure quality throughout all aspects of every search from start to finish. We set high standards, that include limiting the number of projects we handle at any one time. This selective focus maximizes the time and talent available to our clients. We also decided to limit the number of clients in any one industry, first, to minimize conflicts of interest, and secondly, to maximize our access to talent. Because of our long history, high standards, and focus, we are considered an industry-leading search firm dedicated to providing creative, effective recruiting services to a select group of clients.