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Why choose us?

It’s about long-term fit — not a short-term fix.

Our clients choose us for several reasons, but primarily because:

Best candidate available

They wanted the best candidate available, not just the first one that could do the job. Simply put, we won’t push candidates under your nose that just meet the basic requirements. We limit the candidates you see to those that represent the best possible fit for both the position and your organization.


Personalized service

They wanted personalized service and focus. We don’t take on every job that crosses our path, so you can be certain that you’ll have our full, undivided attention on finding that great fit.

A real partner

They wanted a partner, not a vendor. That’s what you’ll get when you engage us: an honest, hard-working partner who is equally invested in your success. You won’t get self-serving salesmanship… just highly-talented candidates who truly fit your organization, not just your position.

Let’s look at some differences between us and the big search firms.

"Why shouldn't I use a larger firm?"

You’re paying for their overhead. Their plush offices. Their expense accounts. Is this where you want your money to go? Didn’t think so.

You’ll often be sold by an executive but then your search will be passed off to a junior associate. Your business is far too important to us to delegate.

A larger firm cannot possibly dedicate their full attention to your search because they have too many clients to satisfy. 

Choosing a larger firm can reduce the number of candidates you’ll see because of existing off-limits agreements they have with your competitors.

With Kensington Stone, you’ll work directly with the principal, who will be directly involved in every phase of your search. Every aspect of your search will be personalized to your requirements. And we limit our workload to insure your project’s success.

"This other firm has a fantastic database to pull from."

Reliance on databases fosters the kind of people peddling that so many companies have come to detest. It creates an easy out for search firms that rely on who they have on file, rather than doing the work and finding the best candidate given your unique needs and requirements.

Databases become outdated very quickly. And if there are candidates in them for any length of time, they’re very likely not candidates you want to add to your management team.

With Kensington Stone, each search we do is a clean slate, a fresh search for the best candidate. Though we don’t dismiss people in our database, research is already built into our (very reasonable) fee. We come to the table with a fresh perspective.

"Do you have experience in my vertical?"

We’ve successfully helped recruit star executives in 22 industries and across 16 job functions. That should tell you something about the importance of narrow verticals. It also tells you more about the limitations of recruiters who limit their work to a single vertical. Verticals make it easier for recruiters to sell and schmooze, while making you feel it’s in your best interest that they have single industry experience. In reality, the greatest benefit of working in a single vertical goes to the recruiter – it requires less work to peddle the same pool of people back and forth.

Ask yourself – how important is my company if we’re just one of many in the same vertical being served by the same provider? How can they represent me loyally, objectively, and independently, when they’re serving all my competitors?

How many off-limits companies does a recruiter specializing in a “vertical” have? They either honor industry standard off-limits rules, thus reducing your candidate pool with every client in that vertical or they don’t honor off-limits rules, thus becoming the proverbial fox into the hen house if you engage them.

In the search for the best talent, skill in search far outweighs knowledge of a vertical market. It also insures that we don’t just sift through the same tired group of “available” people in your category. Read more about our methodology.