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Our Methodology

Clinical approach. Whole-istic focus.

We utilize a clinical approach that results in a more accurate and thorough search than by more traditional recruiting practices. We combine this with something we feel is critical: an eye for the whole person. We start by finding leaders who fit the position requirements, and take it to the next level by insuring they possess long-term potential, broad business skills, a team orientation, and cultural compatibility.

The demanding hiring practices and high quality expectations of our clients require us to look well beyond the functional requirements of the job.

We evaluate the whole person, insuring that all candidates possess:

  • Leadership and influencing skills, in combination with a team focus.
  • Energy, drive, commitment and dedication.
  • A strong business sense, with broad commercial, financial and operational understanding.
  • Good political, bridge-building skills that can meld diverging interests.
  • Natural intelligence combined with a well-rounded character.

Only at this stage do we begin to evaluate fit in terms of compatibility with your organization, your people, your goals, your challenges, your strengths and weaknesses, and your environment.

We feel it’s easy to find executives who are experienced, but quite another to find a truly compatible match. The ultimate success of this individual within your organization is more dependent on this cultural fit than on any other component.

And we pride ourselves on being more skilled at assessing fit than any other firm you might work with.

The triple bottom line: better candidates, successful placements, happy clients.