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Case Study: National Hot Rod Association


With a relatively new President leading an effort to overhaul and invigorate a 50-year-old organization, the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) asked Kensington Stone to help recruit an exceptional Vice President, Corporate Sponsorships with the skill and vision to help the President and other senior executives transform the company and guide it to even greater success. For many long-time managers, it was a given that the person had to come come out of motor sports in order to succeed at NHRA. Yet with the motor sports community representing a rather small and entrenched group of people, it was clear that a really innovative solution might require a look outside.


The Kensington Stone team started with a clean sheet, creating a profile that identified the kind of candidate we were seeking as someone who was confident, open to challenges and a consummate team player. The successful candidate would need to effectively integrate into a more traditional organization, yet have the vision, passion and wherewithal to help the organization innovate and create a brand that would break out from the NASCAR shadow. While not dismissing motor sports executives, our goal was to entice someone with fresh perspective and experience in other sports marketing organizations that could benefit NHRA.


Our successful candidate led corporate sponsorships for the Anaheim Angels and the Mighty Ducks simultaneously. Their personality and attributes created a near-perfect fit within the organization, and provided NHRA with the desired fresh perspective and experience. This individual was subsequently deemed a very strong contributor and an important member of the leadership team.