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Our Services

Top talent, honest counsel and the benefit of over 400 searches.

Kensington Stone performs all aspects of executive search and recruitment:

  • Position evaluation
  • Development of specification and position descriptions
  • Research, sourcing and screening of candidates
  • In-person interviews
  • Comprehensive evaluations
  • Reference checks/credential verifications
  • Counsel and assistance with candidate selection, compensation negotiations and transition issues

We believe that providing the best service requires more than a mere business transaction… so we utilize a collaborative process that grants our clients greater control and offers more personalized service than you’ll have had with other search firms.

We inform you more thoroughly and help make decisions on candidates with insightful, in-depth reports that are even-handed, balancing positives with negatives and providing details that most firms would not bother to communicate.

Finally, we look for compatible values and operating philosophies that are crucial to developing the kind of collaborative relationship necessary to fill every position with a perfect fit. We try to be as selective about who we serve as you should be when selecting a search firm.